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A law firm deeply immersed in emerging technologies such as blockchain, digital assets, FinTech, A.I., cloud computing, etc.

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What Differentiates Us

Solidity Law does much more than legal work – we consult, provide escrow services, help with capital raising, lead ICOs, tokenise your assets, create your tokens on the blockchain, and much more.

We operate with a commercial mindset first because we understand that legal is just one aspect of the business.

blockchain and cryptocurrency


Our Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Practice specializes in providing comprehensive legal services pertaining to the rapidly evolving field of blockchain technology, digital currencies, and digital assets.

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Data privacy law


We help our clients navigate the key issues around data breaches, as well as regulatory and compliance issues.

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Securities Law

Securities Law

Our Securities Practice is a preeminent force in the field of securities law, providing unparalleled legal services to a diverse clientele of public and private companies, investment banks, broker-dealers, and individual investors.

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Intellectual Property Law


Our Intellectual Property Practice is dedicated to safeguarding our clients’ intangible assets and enforcing their intellectual property rights. Our team comprises seasoned legal professionals with expertise in various areas of intellectual property law, including trademarks, copyrights, patents, and trade secrets.

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Corporate Law


Our Corporate Practice boasts an unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience in the field of corporate law. We are confident in our ability to facilitate and conduct high net worth transactions as well as smaller matters with equal expertise.

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Commercial Law


We assist clients with legal issues like transactional deals, risk analysis, employee due diligence and more.

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Flexible Billing Models

The majority of Solidity Law services are fixed fee. We will scope the work and quote you a fixed price, and your legal fee will never exceed that quote. When we provide a service, we don’t quote you for the hours we put in – we quote you for the tactful solutions we provide.
With Solidity Law, you are able to call, email and message us at will because we understand business operates 24/7.

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